Remember in the March letter I put a little teaser question about a pest free garden?

Here’s the solutionlacewing larvae4.

Can you control bad bugs like Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips and more? Can you do this without spraying?

 Yes, you can if you have the  pretty little green lacewing helpers in your garden.lacewing3Lacewings are the number one best beneficial (good) insect for your garden.  They work for free…
Well…Almost free. You do need to provide room and board. That means you need to have lots of small nectar rich flowers for the Lacewings to sip on. The easiest and best is Sweet Alyssum
So what do the pretty Lace Wings do? The Lacewings fly around in your garden at dusk. They sip nectar, mate and lay eggs. The eggs are so cute each one attached to a tiny little stem.

lacewing larvae2
Do they eat any aphids or whiteflies. No, but the little alligator looking babies  that hatch out of those eggs are voracious. They look like little tiny alligators and begin immediately to eat on all of your bad insects

The easiest way is to order on line. We’ve listed two. Rincon Vitova is a company that we have used and they are nearby in Ventura. Arbico is another good source..