“Pulling up twisted tomato vines-long autumn shadows. Chimney smoke rises from house after house-hazy autumn foothills. Warm sweater cozy sock cap-late October In the dimming days-suddenly Chrysanthemums
open my dry eyes.”
-Haiku by Mike Garofalo

As much as we SoCal peeps love our beautiful sunny and warm days, many of us secretly look forward to fall so we can get out our cozy sweaters. October is the beginning of the fall season. It is also the beginning of the long holiday season. If you look around the garden center we are stocked with fall flowers in shades of yellow, orange red and burgundy. October is the time of year that we fill the walkways with our greenhouse grown Ornamental Millet. Millet is a cereal grain that resembles a corn stalk and makes a great display plant for any porch with it’s upright form and beautiful color. Another fall staple is the Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is one of the many annuals that we grow here at Weidner’s Gardens. A customer favorite is our Rainbow Circus hybrid with fun red and orange stripes.

We are still working on the new greenhouse but if you have been into the garden center you have seen the frame as it goes up. We plan to have this project finished in time to display all our beautiful varieties of poinsettias next month. Currently we have a few early fall varieties out for sale – Fiesta Sunrise, Luv U Pink and Golden Glo. Come grab yours while supplies last!

We hope that all of our patrons are enjoying the cooler temperatures and even much needed rainy days!