(Not all varieties will be available at all times)

Basket: These varieties are trailing, and are best planted in a pot or hanging basket. (Available in 4″ pots and 10″ hanging baskets)

Upright: These have strong upright growth and are best planted in the ground or a pot. Not all uprights grow tall, some have upright growth but stay short and bushy. (Available in 6″ pots, and 12″ tubs and trees)

Semi-Upright: These varieties can go both ways, planted in a basket or trained as an upright tree or bush.

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Ann’s Delight~~Basket~~Good basket habit. Lovely shades of pink with a flaring corola that almost dances, Fuchsia_Aunt_Pricilla_uprig
Aunt Pricilla~~Upright~~Strong grower, Aunt Pricilla
Beacon Pink~~Upright~~Beacon is one of the most vigorous uprights there is. Always blooming with lots of flowers,Fuchsia Beacon Pink
Beacon Red~~Upright~~This is a great all year blooming upright. Never will be a basket. Fast reliable and easy,Fuchsia Beacon Red
Belle of Salem~~Basket~~The most open saucer type of corola. Flared bloom in two shades of pink,Fuchsia Belle of Salem
Bicentennial~~Basket~~The orangest of the oranges. Bicentennial was brought out in our country’s bicentennial,Fuchsia Bicentennial
Blue Ribbon~~Upright~~Very nice double upright   One of the prettiest. Double uprights are more difficult to find because the heavier flower will sometimes make the branches droop down,fuchsia_Blue_Ribbon
Blue Satin~~Basket~~The most popular of all the blue and white basket fuchsias. Like many blue fuchsias the blooms change as they mature. Blue Satin becomes a little more mauve,fuchsia_Blue_Satin

Ceil Peller~~Basket~~Big very double blooms with an unusual color! Similar to Ovation,fuchsia_Ceil_Peller_cropped
Charlie Girl~~Basket or Semi Upright~~Full semi double flowers. A little bit semi upright,Fuchsia Charlie Girl
Charles de Gaul~~Upright~~Very strong tall upright. The tallest upright we grow. Unusual blooms with a long tube before the corola and sepals,Fuchsia Charles De Gaul
Cindy Robins~~Basket~~Probably the prettiest of the peachy coral varieties. One of the top favorites along with Voodoo Swingtime and Lisa,Fuchsia Cindi Robbin
Dainty~~Basket or Upright~~Very small red and purple blooms. Heat tolerant. Growth habit is anything but dainty! In the ground quite sun tolerant and can grow quite large and spectacular. Usually available in late spring or summer,Fuchsia Dainty
Dark Eyes~~Basket or short Upright~~Easy growing double red and purple. Medium size blooms. Dark Eyes is like a smaller Voodoo. Blooms all year,Fuchsia Dark Eyes
Deep Purple~~Basket~~Absolutely incredible huge blooms with white and purple with pink streaks,Fuchsia Deep purple
Display~~Upright~~This is a very sturdy semi sun tolerant fuchsia. Not tall but very easy to grow,Fuchsia Display
Dollar Princess~~Basket or Upright~~Lots and lots of smaller sized red and purple blooms. Good as a basket or in the ground,Fuchsia Dollar Princess
Fallbrook~~Upright~~Like Cyndi Robbins only upright! Unusual peachy coral color in a double. Very pretty,Fuchsia Fallbrook
Feather Duster~~Basket or Semi Upright~~Good very white double blooms. We grow it as both an upright and a basket. Blooms early in the season. Might be an all year bloomer,Fuchsia Feather Duster
First Love~~Basket~~Delicate pinks and blues with streaks of pink in the corolla,Fuchsia First Love
Flamenco Dancer~~Basket~~Exotic! Vivid! Very double. Exciting combination of colors,fuchsia_FlamencoDancer
Fluffy Ruffles~~Basket~~Best of the red and white all year bloomers. Good growth habit. All year bloomer,Fuchsia Fluffy Ruffles
Golden Anniversary~~Basket~~White and deep purple blooms. Foliage is golden green. A little more purple than Blue Satin,Fuchsia Golden Anniversary
Grand Les Roi~~Semi Upright~~Interesting white and sometimes with a little pink. Always looking for another good white,Fuchsia_Grande_Rois_white
Hula Girl~~Basket~~Another all year red and white bloomer. Hula Girl is the most trailing of all the red and whites,Fuchsia Hula Girl
Infierno~~Basket~~Along with Bicentennial and Ovation another good orange,Fuchsia Infieno
Jingle Bells~~Semi Upright~~Red and white. Easy to grow as a basket or in the ground. We grow it as a 6″ upright,fuchsia_Jinglebells
Kaleidoscope~~Basket~~Lovely streaks of pink in the blue corolla of the flowers. Very close to Vienna Waltz in appearance., fuchsia_kalaidascope
Lena or Nonpariel~~Two names for the same old fuchsia variety. Not flashy but good and steady bloomer,Fuchsia Lena
Leine Pearl~~Basket or Upright~~Small grower but good in pots or as a bushy basket. One of the prettiest small flowers,Fuchsia Lein Perl
Lisa~~Basket~~Pink sepals and very double blue corolla. A prise winner all the time,Fuxhsia Lisa
Malibu Mist~~Basket~~Blue with rose accents. Very double. Good as a basket or tree,Malibu Mist
Mary Ellen Guffy~~Basket~~Extremely double pink and white,Fuchsia Mary Ellen Guffy

Mrs. Victor Reiter~~Stiff  Basket~~Orange single corolla and white sepals. Blooms are more heat tolerant than other oranges,Fuchsia Mrs. Victor Reiter
Nancy Lou~~Upright~~Strong grower. Pink and white semi-double,fuchsia_Nancy_louB
Nelly’s Beauty~~Basket~~White sepals with delicate lavender corolla,Fuchsia Nelly's Beauty
Ovation~~Basket~~A beautiful burgandy and orange flower. A star among the oranges. Similar to Inferno,Fuchsia Ovation
Pink Lena~~Semi Upright~~Single medium soft pink bloom,fuchsia_pink_lenaB
Pink Marshmallow~~Basket~~The best of all the double white bloomers. A touch of pink from the stamens,Fuchsia Pink Marshmallow
Pink Pearl~~Basket~~Good basket habit. Lovely shades of pink with a flaring corola that almost dances~~Great big round double blooms,fuchsia_pink_pearl
Pink Rain~~Upright~~Masses of small single flowers. Good growing upright bush,fuchsia_Pink_Rain
Pinto de Blue~~Semi Upright~~Small double bloom. Heavy bloomer. White sepals with blue corolla,Fuchsia_Pinto_de_Blue
Royal Mosaic~~Basket~~Very beautiful!   Extra large white and purple. Note the pink splashes on the blue,fuchsia-Royal-Mosaic-new

Snowburner~~Basket~~This is one huge red and white beauty. Jut like Swingtime only much much larger,fuchsia snowburner

Sunray~~Basket or Upright~~Pink green and cream foliage. Flowers are small red and purple,fuchsia_sunraythumb400
Swingtime~~Basket~~One of the favorites. Good sturdy plant and fairly heat tolerant. Not an all year bloomer,Fuchsia_Swingtime_good
Texas Star~~Basket~~The super long sepals like a long horn steer. Gorgeous color,Fuchsia Texas Star
Texas Longhorn~~Basket~~Original Longhorn. Great big leaves sometime make you think they are drooping from dryness but it’s not usually true,Fuchsia_Texas_Longhorn

Vienna Waltz~~Basket~~Lovely streaks of pink in the lavender purple blooms.,fuchsia vienna waltz
Violetta~~Upright~~A little bit bigger that a Shadow Dancer but not quite a large upright. Very pretty,Fuchsia Violetta
Voodoo~~Basket or Semi Upright~~Voodoo does everything and does it well. Huge blooms. Makes a basket tree or a bush,fuchsia_voodoo405
Wedding Bells~~Basket~~Very soft and pretty with streaks of pink on the blue,fuchsia_wedding_bells
White Eyes~~Basket~~Very similar to Dark Eyes but with white in the center,Fuchsia White Eyes