Here in warm San Diego we don’t have fall colored leaves. We still want to have that feeling of fall.

You can create fall with a few of the right plants, gourds and pumpkins. Meet the best fall blooming color to help you Create Fall in California.


Create Fall with Ornamental Peppers. Red, yellow or orange these peppers add a south of the border touch to fall arrangements. They are very ornamental and too hot to eat. Peppers last for months and when they are finished you can throw them away without guilt.

Create Fall with Mums; the ultimate fall bloomer. So easy to grow and you can trim them back to bloom again. Mums like the sun but are very happy indoors while they are in bloom. Pinch off the spent blooms and you will soon have more.

Create Fall with the colored Millet grass and feed the birds too. The grasses provide the tall background plant that is essential to any good front door arrangement. The bronze ones have seeds for your birds.

Create fall with Sunflowers. They love the sun just like their name.   Keep watered with a saucer at the base for extra water. Enjoy them and let the birds have a treat too. Other plant that have fall colors. The yellow or burgundy plume flower called Celosia, bright orange zinnias, yellow or orange Lantanas. For shade use the bright yellow Golden Candles. Succulents like Kalenchoes and many other succulents have dark bronze foliage. This is the time when the trailing ivy Ivies are so useful. Twine them around, tuck them in. everywhere and anywhere.

Get some of our brown Sphagnum moss to hide the pots and make everything look coordinated.

You’ll find a nice variety of fall colors and decorating ideas at Weidner’s Gardens. Succulents to make a succulent pumpkin top along with sample arrangements to help you make your own.

Try out these easy arrangements for that California fall look.

Front Entry Fall color. One tall bronze Millet plant. The seeds will feed your birds for weeks. Next comes either a fall colored Mum or a bright yellow sun flower. Add in a glossy leafed Mirror plant or some green millet for a mixer. Finish with a 6 “pepper or orange succulent Kalan hoe. Three points of color Add some gourds or pumpkins at the base and you have a fall entry arrangement that will last through Thanksgiving. You can add in any Halloween additions before the holiday. Your fall arrangement will last well past Thanksgiving.

For the kitchen window

Enjoy fall every time you’re in the kitchen.

Your center plant is the 6” ornamental pepper. Nestle in a gourd or two. Add in some smaller pepper plants and a few 4” dark bronze succulents. What about one or two 4 inch Ivies to twine around your arrangement. Put saucers under you main plants and water everything with Ice cubes to make it easy.

Use the same basic arrangements. The largest plant in the center with smaller sizes surrounding it. Tuck in gourds and succulents and some cut mixer green comes from the Corpsman aka Mirror plant. Add candles and fake mini pumpkins with some Halloween candies sprinkled in to add that sweet touch.