We’re officially in begonia season, and these beauties are showing off all their big blooms and color. We have almost all of our varieties out for sale, including showy non-stops, vibrant enchant, and gorgeous solenias. Our upright cane begonias are looking great as well with their flashy foliage and light pink blossoms. If you’re waiting for the absolute biggest selection, our Begonia Festival June 17 and 18 is the weekend for you, plus you can redeem all your Begonia Bucks. Below is a quick overview of the different begonia varieties and how to use them.

Non-stop Tuberous Begonias


Non-stops have the traditional large begonia flowers with very dark or medium green leaves. They are full shade plants, and stay fairly short (less than 12″). They come in red, orange, yellow, white, and pink.

Solenia Begonias


A favorite, solenias have smaller flowers, but grow big bunches of blooms, and end up even more colorful than the Non-stops. The best part, they are fairly sun and heat tolerant, so are a little more flexible in the garden. They come in several shades of pink and red.

Encanto Begonias


Our newest favorite, these hardy tuberous begonias have brilliant orange flowers and bloom like crazy all summer long. Great in hanging baskets or pots, they can drape several feet by the end of summer. They can also be in full shade to full sun on the coast and are heat tolerant.

Dragon Wing Begonias


With large clusters of delicate pink or red flowers, dragon wings are popular for their hardiness and lush tropical look. They are a cane begonia and keep their leaves all year long, and can take a little sun as well.

Angel Wing Begonias


Planted more for their unique foliage than flowers, the angel wing begonias are upright and can grow past 4 ft tall. Great for a shady patio or flower bed, just a winter pruning will keep them fresh and full all year long.